Worth of You

I’m in love with the worth of you… At least I think that’s what it’d take for me.

One of my dreams/plans is to become the boss of my own company not only to provide amazing services to improve people’s lives but also to hire my own employees and to choose them based on my own criteria.

I would judge my team members based on how they’d treat their peers or those that are at a lower level than them because that would show me their real value and humility – or lack thereof, and I would never want any nodding dogs or shallow people pleasers working with me.

It is so easy and common to respect and treat well those in managerial or leadership positions or to show face to clients but talk rudely behind their backs. Hipocracy is one quality that I really despise and find unacceptable. I already wrote about how important honesty is to me, and this is a major form of lying in my book.

I don’t define the worth of a human being based on the number of degrees, the ranking of their alma mater, looks, or labels. Well-educated, good-looking, fit people can be just as cr.ppy of human beings as the next person, if not more. It is very sad to see and experience but is a great wake-up call to what really matters.

Vampire-Free Zone

I felt like cr.p today – that feeling when you are not totally ill, but you definitely feel that something isn’t right.

Luckily, I was able to postpone tomorrow’s interview for volunteering in a children’s camp. Also, I kept taking vitamins, drank 2 of those anti-flu drinks and ate an entire garlic in the evening. That’s right, not just a clove, the whole thing! My mouth was on fire, and I fear the reactions my breath will get tomorrow, but it definitely did the trick.

The worst thing though is that when I’m feeling down, I get so lenient, and so I really went overboard on the food front. I did manage to hold off on quite some stuff I was craving though – could have been a lot worse.

The snow fell beautifully today, and it made me think about all the people who grow up in hot climates versus me taking it for granted. Lives can be so different 🙂

Ketchuping With Myself

Or catching up. Whatever. That’s the name of the game I’m playing right now.

This weekend my parents got ill, and I’m trying not to catch anything, but yesterday I could barely fall asleep as I couldn’t breathe through my nostrils and I also had a little cough. This is something I haven’t considered normal since I was a child. Anyway, I have finally caught Superwoman’s upload during #SuperSixty. No reply to my comment, but still, it made my not being able to sleep a notch better.

In the morning, I voted for some extra minutes of sleep. I didn’t want to wake my mum with my workout or get any iller myself. I still was late for work – but less late than my dear colleagues, one of whom got actually so ill that had to work from home. Hence, I jumped in and went to her 3 interviews, totaling at 4 for the day. It was the better task IMO, but the day I had was very different from the one I imagined.

By the time I got home I was very hungry, but I still got in an amazing upper body workout. It is so funny how I negotiate with myself though. I wanted to grab a bite (a protein bar kinda thing, although I was craving actual salty food for a change) before coming home to prevent any excuses for not working out. The line at the store was too long though, so I left without buying anything and caught my bus just in time. I was still coughing a bit, so I didn’t want to overexert myself, and thought, that’s fine, I’ll just do a very quick and easy circuit training. Then I started planning the workout in my head, thinking about the exercises and got more and more into the mood; “if I do this, then I should also do the other one” etc. The next step was realizing that time-wise it would be pretty much the same to do supersets, or just alternate sides like I usually do, and the way it’s been working wonderfully for me. So I agreed to do that. Before starting, I sat down and wrote it all out. At the end, I added a couple more things and ended up moving for an entire hour. All I had to do was convince myself to start – and the rest followed 🙂 That’s why it is so important not to lose momentum. It’s much harder to restart than keep going.

I cooked before my workout but still had to prepare some things for the rest of the week. Also, the dishwasher broke (as soon as we switch it on, we lose all electricity) and even though I used to love doing the dishes and still do, it takes a lot of time and space (the whole kitchen table), not to mention the cut on my finger from Sunday is not happy about spending hours underwater. (Luckily, it wasn’t the same hand that I burned a week before. No comment.) So my evening was short and packed with chores, mostly.

Now I can only hope that I’ll be able to sleep. It would be so nice to return to my morning workouts. The one thing I do not miss about them is the afterburn on my way to work – by the time I get to the office, I could shower, or rather am looking like I just came from the shower all over again. I can feel that this evening stuff keeps me awake longer though. I’m proud though that I still do the work, no matter how tired or hungry I am. But after the weekend I had, I really need to!

You Don’t Miss Your Chance Until You Die

Originally, I wanted to write all about my awful and unproductive weekend – how I did nothing useful but binged on TV shows and sunflower seeds. Realizing that it was no longer January and I didn’t “have to” write a blog post every day, my whole streak kinda ended. Friday evening I still finished an amazing upper body workout, but then I let myself stay up too long and it just went downhill from there. I woke up today with very low energy, my stomach still full, didn’t even get hungry until around 2 pm. So yeah, it was an excellent reminder of how fast a good roll can end.

My day wasn’t bad though. I got an unexpected and challenging task, ran into 4 friends/acquaintances, did a lower body strength training in the evening, and was lucky enough to click on this YouTube video during stretching:

I actually did laugh out loud at the beginning of it, so if you need a bit of cheering up, WATCH IT ASAP!!! Feeling like life is a competition and you’re behind everyone else is so common nowadays, but it is so silly, too. And reminders like this are more than welcome every now and again 🙂

Brain Mush

What a day!

Luckily, I remembered to weigh myself in the morning before I rushed out, and I have lost a total of 6.7 lbs. Frankly, I expected a bit more, but the change is more visible than that in my opinion, and I think I have also managed to retain a lot of muscle mass. I would happily take 7 pounds down for February – so let’s see, how I’ll do 🙂

I had 4 interviews scheduled for the day which would have left me one short break, to begin with, but I had to attend a 5th one, as well, which I was happy to do, but I wish I had known this in advance! Then I would have brought a laptop charger, and left home some stuff that I wanted to store in the office, but had to carry around in my bag all day instead. At least, I had my lunch with me, too, so I didn’t have to eat other stuff. It was pretty intense from 8:30 until 17:00… by the end I was beginning to wonder if my brain can even get any mushier LOL

Then I went to meet some friends in a tea house from the group fitness instructor course 4 years ago, most of them were quite late though. It is not ideal to retell stories for the second and third time

I got home quite late, but managed to make dinner, and then fit in a 10-minute core routine. Then I ate and now am ready to get some zzz’s.

Oh, and Rotterdam accepted my application – yay! They should inform me soon, if it’s been selected…

One Month and Some Pounds Down

I collected my workout data into a spreadsheet for this month, and I spent 2170 minutes working out, which is 70 minutes a day on average, and 1,5 days for the whole month, with 2 total rest days. Of course, the additional time of doing my hair and getting dressed, showering after, all add to that.

It is interesting to see that in the beginning of the month I have been very committed to my daily 1-hour elliptical cardio, whatever my main workout was for the day. My new job and life got in the way though, so I had to prioritize, and I started doing more intense cardio sessions less often instead.

I expect my average time spent working out to decrease in February, but I have to add that I’m paying more attention to taking the time to walk more frequently instead of using public transportation. I never had a problem taking the stairs, but now I’m more conscious about avoiding time crunches in order to fit more walks outside into my days. Btw, this is great for reducing stress and boosting mood, as well. I also would like to plan some activities for the weekend, such as a hike or two, instead of doing my regular sessions.

I haven’t weighed myself since the 1st, but I definitely feel the weight loss – I’m just so much lighter and am moving more comfortably and easily. I hope I won’t forget to measure myself tomorrow morning, although I don’t think I’ve lost that much weight-wise. But if you’ve ever experienced this, you know how good the shrinking areas feel! My hands constantly go to my stomach – checking, pinching, enjoying the new sensations haha

It would be interesting to see how the decrease of LISS affected my progress. If someone else could have measured me daily without telling me the result, it might have worked, although it could have been stressing me out nonetheless.

For me, the less OCD I become with numbers, the better, as my main goal is to establish a well-working balance, not an obsession. And I feel like I am well on my way towards this 🙂

Only Tuesday?!

What an intense day!

The first interviews of my life and I started off with 3 of them back-to-back. I had to depart earlier than my usual, and I wasn’t expecting the major traffic jam – I barely made it in time. I was stressing my heart out but I tried to keep it cool on the outside. I wonder if I did a good job.

I was really relieved when lunch break came and I finally had some time to breathe (and use the bathroom). As I was next to my old workplace, I had lunch with a friend of mine, then went back to the office to get ready for our next appointment, as well as to schedule some more fun times.

After the 4th interview in the late afternoon, I headed home and was finally able to check my e-mails. I’m glad I didn’t do this earlier as I had some troubleshooting to do about my application to SSE which I’ve just finished. I also submitted the form to Rotterdam although I’m not sure it will be accepted as I did do some unorthodox things there – their loss if it won’t be 😛

I was in the mood for a HIIT but yesterday evening I also did an hour of cardio, so I pushed myself for a lower body strength training and it felt really good even though I was tired as I couldn’t fall asleep last night.

Also, I might have gotten myself some plans for the next few evenings and will try to return to my morning workout schedule. And for that, as well as for a boost of energy, timed HIIT’s are perfect.

My luck – or rather lack of it – with the public transportation also did a number on me today. Due to the subway renovation, masses of people EVERYWHERE are making it impossible to push onto vehicles and necessary to wait tens of minutes out in the cold. Okay, the weather was not THAT awful but it wasn’t exactly lovely either.

Well, I really need to get going. Let me try to fall asleep ASAP now…