Reality Check

My cousin had a housewarming party on Saturday, and since I haven’t been going out a lot, nor do I plan to do so in the near future, I decided to have some drinks. I completed my workout, had a healthy meal, took a protein bar with me, and chose one of the best possible options calorie-wise – vodka and Fanta zero. However, I completely forgot that parties usually involve food, so I did not train my brain for this scenario in advance o_O And it is such a typical pitfall!!! Failing to plan really is planning to fail, and even though I didn’t eat THAT much, it clearly happened because I didn’t decide in advance not to do it. Also, alcohol really does wreak havoc on my decision making capabilities…

More importantly, a night like this has a snowball effect on me. Even though I’m lucky enough not to be prone to major hangovers, since I went to bed late, and I woke up in the early evening with a slight headache, I couldn’t make myself exercise on Sunday. Then I went all out on Monday with a HIIT and a lower body strength training to the point, where I could barely sit on my butt yesterday, or move at all! So I also ended up skipping Tuesday. And this state of inconsistency drags me down so much that I just can’t stop mindlessly snacking, while watching something non-stop AKA being totally unproductive AKA not studying for the GMAT.

I have been improving my behavior patterns for years, and so I managed to snap out of this funk by today. Still, it is incredibly frustrating, since I know that if I wouldn’t sabotage myself at every possible opportunity, I’d be so much further ahead compared to where I am now. Luckily, now I am a bit more forgiving towards myself, and it makes life a lot easier.

We just have to accept that some days it is super easy to make good decisions. We are full of strength, energy and motivation, ready to conquer the world. Other days we just need to do our best for that day. It is a good advice not to compare yourself to others, but I’d go as far as saying: do not compare yourself to your past, or future self either. Just do

your best. But don’t fake it! Don’t say your best at a given moment is a 5, when, in fact, it is at least a 7, if not an 8. Push yourself, but when you REALLY need a break, take it, knowing that you are true to yourself, and will push again as soon as you are able to.


One good thing that came out of this party was the reality check I got today from seeing myself in the photos – I really should consider auditioning for a donut ad with that face of mine haha

Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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