So Little Time

Last Sunday I repeated my butt workout from Monday. Yeah, it took me almost a week to recover from it o_O I didn’t do the HIIT portion, but it still kicked my butt – quite literally. I was barely able to move around, or sit on it until Thursday. With the exception of Monday, I managed to get in intense enough workouts daily, and I’ve also been more than satisfied with my diet. It all came down to me being super busy and focused on a plethora of other things, and it definitely shows on my body.

I had trouble falling asleep on Sunday as I did my research for a job interview I had on Monday. It was for a small tech start-up for an account manager position, and the profile of the company got me super excited even before I got there. Hearing about what my tasks would be though… I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the possibility of getting that job as it would involve a lot of traveling *_* I hope that I’ll get to have a Skype interview with one of the managers soon.

On Tuesday, I got contacted by one of the Big Four. I was a bit hesitant, but the job description wasn’t bad, so I had a short (10 min) phone interview with an HR intern on Wednesday, and a personal interview (1 h) with a manager and an HR staff on Friday. And again, the work would be much more interesting than what the title of internal auditor suggests. I’m supposed to be contacted next week, whether they want me to go in and write a case study too.

Both opportunities would be pretty amazing. I guess it’s not enough that I’m a nervous wreck because of the GMAT, now I’m also thinking about whether I’ll get any offers.

About the GMAT. I spend most of my time studying for it, and I finally took my first CAT on Thursday. I scored an incredible 730 (96th percentile). I literally shed a few tears from happiness and disbelief. However, upon closer inspection I realized that my quant and verb scores were so messed up! An embarrassingly low quant with an unbelievably high verb… I think this is for the best though since now I’m not AS nervous as I’d be had I gotten a lower score, but I’m also not complacent. If anything, this motivates me to do even better, practice even more, and improve my time management by test day.

You can probably tell that my social life is basically non-existent at the moment… I don’t feel any emptiness though as I have a lot of new things to be looking forward to and to be excited about, and thanks to the Internet I can keep in touch with the outside world ^_^

Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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