Today my energy levels have been super low. It is always very interesting to observe how suddenly this happens whenever I go back to “normal” after a higher carb period. One day I’m feeling perfectly fine; strong, upbeat, full of energy. The next day is a complete opposite – and today is that day.

I admit that sometimes I still find it hard not to “medicate” myself with food. I have to let myself experience these lows from time to time to appreciate the highs. My body needs to adapt to working out with depleted glycogen storages and to feeling like a rag doll. It will get better – always does. It’s just a bit challenging mentally.

I also let myself browse on Facebook, and, of course, it was full of all these – seemingly – perfectly happy and successful people – whose existence makes you question your own. I cut this short though, didn’t let myself wallow for too long – yaaay me! :))

So now I’m back to organizing my thoughts for tomorrow’s exam. Yep. Living the dream 😀

Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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