Productive Sunday

After waking up, I first researched some photoshop tutorials, then I did a HIIT workout and followed it up with some elliptical, while I was watching one of the tutorials. Then made some delicious, healthy (!) donuts, and tried to finish my application, but I think it won’t let me save it due to overstepping the word count in the motivation letter. After this, I met up with a good friend of mine and we had a nice long chat as we had a lot of ground to cover. I had this Japanese cherry lichi cappuccino with wafer filings (the pink stuff on the top), which my taste buds found quite special 🙂


Coming home, I still felt energized, so I decided to make up for yesterday’s missed elliptical with TurboFire’s Fire 60 workout and some planking.

I still had to finish so many things afterward though!!!I haven’t managed to get to the end of everything, but at least I’m done with my meal prep for the week, which is a huge burden off my shoulders. Let’s hope for a fast and efficient sleep now 🙂

Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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