Am I a Polar Bear?!

Started the day with a great lower body strength training, after which nothing else really wanted to work out. The electricity went away, and as I was stumbling around in the dark, I missed my bus, then my trolley. At work, my computer started with a blue screen, so my first trip led me to IT. Later, I accidentally deleted a whole sheet in my Excel file and had to redo the whole data collection (it was worth around 2 hours of work). Then I learned that due to a project I’ll have to do overtime all week, but there is no compensation for it, as it is calculated into the yearly bonus. (Other groups get overtime payment, but no bonus.) I’m not too happy about these prospects as I thought I’d finally be able to plan some extracurricular activities in advance (such as teaching fitness classes or take dance or guitar lessons). In the afternoon I had to sit through a 2-hour training, which would have been super useful on my first day but was moderately so now. And on top of that, something my friend told me yesterday is still lingering in my mind…

I’m so grateful that I’m reading Lilly’s book right at this time. It can give me just the right thoughts at the right moments.

The evening was somewhat better as I had a tasty yet healthy dinner and baked all my pitas for my lunches this week. I should have prepped something else if I’m gonna do overtime, but I was just way too tired, and still needed to finish my application to SSE – which I did! =)) So there is that.

Now I’m going to head to bed. Best moment of the day.

Is this sad at the age of 29, or am I just a polar bear?!


Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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