Strange Dreams and TOEFL 115

As difficult as it was in the beginning, this blog writing turned into a habit by now, and today I really wish I had more time to write…

My day started with some unusual experiences.

First, I woke up from an extremely peculiar dream that stemmed from what my friend told me on Sunday. I really thought I was all over it by Tuesday, but apparently, my subconscious had a different opinion. It even involved another person, whom I haven’t seen since August, and who means absolutely nothing to me, so I have never ever even thought about him. How is it then that he suddenly stars in my freaking dream at night???

Second, after I got over my weird nightly moving pictures, I started my day with a lower body strength training. I work out at home, and I have some equipment, but no squat rack, so I have to lift the bar from the floor, push it above my had, and then put it on my back. My first exercise was curtsey lunges, so I tried to move the 40 kg bar I assembled, but it was way too heavy. I removed 4 kg’s, so I got 36 kg – still too heavy. I got down to 32 kg and finished the first set in a near-panic mode. I remembered that the last time, a few days ago, I was doing this with 40 and got scared of how much strength I’m losing all of a sudden due to restricting my calories and eating fewer carbs. But then I started to doubt myself, so I checked my workout journal, and sure enough, I was stressing over nothing – I did this exercise with 32 kg the last time, as well. I was so happy!!! LOL Mental note to self: need to buy a squat rack.

Third, I was sitting on the bus on my way to work, just finished my daily Spanish on Duolingo, and then I had a sneaking suspicion that my TOEFL scores should be finally available. I’ve been checking it since Monday… And sure enough, they were up =))

TOEFL Score blog

I scored 115 out of 120. I am happy with my perfect scores, as well as with my writing result since I had trouble finishing my essays in time, and I couldn’t even proofread any of them. However, my speaking score is so measly!!! That loud guy’s impact really shows =(( The funny thing is that I spent maybe 90% of my prep time on practicing speaking, but I guess neither the format nor this kind of environment works for me…

Today I had a bit easier day at work, but since I live far, I still got home fairly late. At least I had time to do TurboFire’s Fire 45EZ for some additional cardio as I have been really lacking in that department this week. I was sleepy, but I did it very intensely anyway :))

I’m getting to the stage of my weight loss now when I feel physically lighter, and the rolls on my midsection feel noticeably smaller. It is so amazing! Every single step I take, move I make feels totally different – as if I was flying!!! =)) I know it mustn’t be that much on the scale, but I’m not going to stress myself out by forcing myself on it. All in due time. Until then, I’ll just enjoy my NSV’s ;))

And now, finally, SLEEP!!!

Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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