Only Tuesday?!

What an intense day!

The first interviews of my life and I started off with 3 of them back-to-back. I had to depart earlier than my usual, and I wasn’t expecting the major traffic jam – I barely made it in time. I was stressing my heart out but I tried to keep it cool on the outside. I wonder if I did a good job.

I was really relieved when lunch break came and I finally had some time to breathe (and use the bathroom). As I was next to my old workplace, I had lunch with a friend of mine, then went back to the office to get ready for our next appointment, as well as to schedule some more fun times.

After the 4th interview in the late afternoon, I headed home and was finally able to check my e-mails. I’m glad I didn’t do this earlier as I had some troubleshooting to do about my application to SSE which I’ve just finished. I also submitted the form to Rotterdam although I’m not sure it will be accepted as I did do some unorthodox things there – their loss if it won’t be 😛

I was in the mood for a HIIT but yesterday evening I also did an hour of cardio, so I pushed myself for a lower body strength training and it felt really good even though I was tired as I couldn’t fall asleep last night.

Also, I might have gotten myself some plans for the next few evenings and will try to return to my morning workout schedule. And for that, as well as for a boost of energy, timed HIIT’s are perfect.

My luck – or rather lack of it – with the public transportation also did a number on me today. Due to the subway renovation, masses of people EVERYWHERE are making it impossible to push onto vehicles and necessary to wait tens of minutes out in the cold. Okay, the weather was not THAT awful but it wasn’t exactly lovely either.

Well, I really need to get going. Let me try to fall asleep ASAP now…


Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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