You Don’t Miss Your Chance Until You Die

Originally, I wanted to write all about my awful and unproductive weekend – how I did nothing useful but binged on TV shows and sunflower seeds. Realizing that it was no longer January and I didn’t “have to” write a blog post every day, my whole streak kinda ended. Friday evening I still finished an amazing upper body workout, but then I let myself stay up too long and it just went downhill from there. I woke up today with very low energy, my stomach still full, didn’t even get hungry until around 2 pm. So yeah, it was an excellent reminder of how fast a good roll can end.

My day wasn’t bad though. I got an unexpected and challenging task, ran into 4 friends/acquaintances, did a lower body strength training in the evening, and was lucky enough to click on this YouTube video during stretching:

I actually did laugh out loud at the beginning of it, so if you need a bit of cheering up, WATCH IT ASAP!!! Feeling like life is a competition and you’re behind everyone else is so common nowadays, but it is so silly, too. And reminders like this are more than welcome every now and again 🙂

Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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