Vampire-Free Zone

I felt like cr.p today – that feeling when you are not totally ill, but you definitely feel that something isn’t right.

Luckily, I was able to postpone tomorrow’s interview for volunteering in a children’s camp. Also, I kept taking vitamins, drank 2 of those anti-flu drinks and ate an entire garlic in the evening. That’s right, not just a clove, the whole thing! My mouth was on fire, and I fear the reactions my breath will get tomorrow, but it definitely did the trick.

The worst thing though is that when I’m feeling down, I get so lenient, and so I really went overboard on the food front. I did manage to hold off on quite some stuff I was craving though – could have been a lot worse.

The snow fell beautifully today, and it made me think about all the people who grow up in hot climates versus me taking it for granted. Lives can be so different 🙂

Author: dreyyya

29 yo blonde travel and fitness junkie trying to make it in the world

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