The Right to the Lunch Break. Rant.

I slept awful. Woke up maybe 5 times to go to the toilet! I really should stop drinking so much before going to sleep – said the girl and downed yet another cup of caffeine-free coffee.

Thus, I skipped my morning workout and slept in a bit. It was a good choice as I had a pretty dense day and woke up with major upper body muscle soreness anyway. My lower body soreness still holding from Saturday’s workout I was set for the day 🙂

At work, I scheduled lots of interviews for the week with all kinds of bosses at the organization we’re working with for now. I have also managed to crack the screen of my Lenovo T430 – carrying it, I’ve put a tiny and slim notepad in between the screen and the keyboard o_O I hope it will hold for tomorrow as I really don’t feel like scribbling with a pen all day. Lot of additional work, too, to type it all in later.

Had to have a work lunch with my boss today as tomorrow’s slot got booked for an interview. This was our second lunch together and yet again, I strongly felt the lack of a notepad and a pen. I appreciate the need to spend lunchtime productively, but I just don’t like being forced to go out and eat at places where I don’t want to eat, waste money on subpar food which I’d rather save, spend 45+ intense minutes when, instead of having a little break, yet again, I need to control every single word that comes out of my mouth while paying attention to every morsel that leaves my companion’s mouth, and also try to chew, swallow AND enjoy the thing that I don’t find desirable in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a nice idea, but let’s just keep it real – it is ABSOLUTELY NOT the break that I need!!! As I usually meal prep for the whole week, I can have my lunch in 10 minutes. 15 if I also use the ladies’. I don’t need to go out to a restaurant 10 minutes away, stand in line for 15 minutes, eat for 30, then come back and have a 20-minute coffee break to help me digest the heavy meal I’ve had – THIS is the waste of time in my book. My point is that I’d gladly talk to my boss, but I’d rather have an actual meeting before or after my short and sweet, peaceful lunch break. Also, I could legally bring my notepad and pen, or my laptop to the meeting, and wouldn’t be trying to recall hours after our conversation the 4th “C” he casually mentioned between the soup and the main dish. Rant over.



Lot of Cooking

Seemingly, I haven’t done a whole lot today, still, I have been so busy and am so tired!!!

In the morning, I answered all the questions for my application to Rotterdam. Then I wanted to work out, but I was so hungry that I had to eat something. So I cooked, ate, and then started meal prepping for the week.

In the late afternoon, I did an upper body strength training and some cardio, then put on a facial and cooked dinner, as well as continued the meal prep. I did a load of laundry and calculated my calories and macros.

I was careless and the water boiler’s steam burned two of my fingers. Now it hurts so much that I can barely exist without holding them in the water 😦 I hope I will be able to sleep though…

I really hope to speed up my meal preps though. I think I might have to buy a better knife… or maybe just sharpen the knife that I have.


Every time I start doing Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body (or any other extremely challenging workout) I am amazed at my past self’s ability to finish it and I rely on those accomplishments to push through when thoughts of self-doubt rear their ugly heads. If you are not familiar with this specific training, it has 8 Tabata style drills. Amy miscounts the first one (air jacks) and there are 9 working sets of 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between. By the end of it, you feel absolutely spent (if you have really pushed yourself) – and that’s only the beginning! Yet, I have always been able to finish all of the 8 different drills (8 x 8 x 20 seconds work + 10 seconds rest) without extra breaks.

I guess I just wanted to take the time today to acknowledge this and feel proud. I very often take for granted whatever I achieve. I feel like it’s not a big deal and probably anyone could do it. And while that might be true (although highly unlikely, as in this very specific instance I go for almost all the drills with the most advanced option out of the three), the difference is that not everyone DOES it.

I take it for granted that I work out regularly, and I feel really guilty whenever I miss a day like yesterday. That is so silly though! Most people rarely do anything, and while it is certainly different to be surrounded by conscious people who are taking care of themselves versus by lazy folks, I can’t lose sight of the fact that I am doing well in that department, and shouldn’t feel inferior to others.

My diet has been slipping back to some bad old habits though, leading to exceeding my caloric target for more days than I would like… One thing to be proud of though is that I used to avoid these confrontations with myself. Whenever I ate more, I just felt guilty but wasn’t able to bring myself and calculate the actual “damage” I have done. I just went into ostrich mode and put my head in the sand. Now I force myself to assess my consumption so that I could come up with some viable solutions.

Awareness is the foundation for any change but is also the scariest step sometimes – and I am constantly improving in this area. Yay me! 🙂

Work and Ballet

Long day at work. I’m already somewhat behind on this project not only because I have no such experience, but also because I haven’t participated in the first part of it. I still had some decent input though. For example, I pointed out the obvious to avoid asking for information from the client that has already been sent to us. Sometimes I feel like I don’t understand something until it turns out that I’m the only one that gets the situation LOL Other times, of course, I really am clueless – especially when referring to past events and no one can be bothered to give me a clarification.

In the evening, I went to see a ballet performance at the Palace of Arts. I’m so grateful that my friend invited me! I’ve been planning to look for some nice theatre tickets since the year started, but still haven’t gotten to it. It was a really exciting take, not your usual classical ballet, and I’ve overheard two Russian ladies criticizing the uneven rows etc. during the break, but I liked the innovative ideas a lot. After the piece, we had a long chat until her husband and father-in-law finished listening to a piano concert in another room.

I took the below photo on my way home, next to the venue. This bridge has paintings of some of the most recognized Hungarian actors and actresses as it is also close to the National Theatre, as well.


First Client Meeting and Mum’s Nameday

Lower body strength training ✓

My first client meeting ✓

Celebrating my Mum’s nameday ✓

It was a nice day that ended in Vapiano. I had the Pasta Tentazione Viola (campanelle with beef filet, bacon, red onion rings and strips of gherkins and beetroot in a fine sauce with red wine, mustard and butter, topped with sour cream and parsley) and the Nuveletta (a decreased calorie coconut yogurt cake – I don’t think it was so low in calories though…) My Mum had the Potato cream soup, the Lasagne al forno and the Cheesecake with strawberry sauce. We are not going to bed hungry tonight 😛

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Looking Forward to Tomorrow

The mystery of my alarm has been solved – the ringtone, as well as the vibration, was completely off… My phone was like “missed alarm”. And I was like “no kidding… how could I notice the big nothing??”

Anyway, after I came to it, I did a quick upper body strength training and was off to work. The photo shoot was fine, my face still resembles a donut though. #motivation

Tomorrow I’m going to a client due to a project I got assigned to. This will be my first such experience and I’m really looking forward to it! I even ordered a batch of business cards for future interviews. Never have I ever thought that I’d have those ^_^

Decent Day

My alarm didn’t go off this morning after I pushed it to snooze, so I woke up later than planned. I did a quick HIIT instead of the planned upper body strength training but it was alright. I do feel hungrier and slightly weaker though so tonight I ate a bit more (mainly protein).

At work, I continued the interesting task I got yesterday, and at last, I got to talk to the manager that gave it to me so we got on the same(r) page. She is much friendlier and nicer in person than what I expected based on the matter-of-fact e-mail she sent.

After work, I had to buy a new white blouse with a dark blazer for tomorrow’s portrait photo shoot. Yeah, those are basic pieces, but due to my constant size changes, I don’t have even a basic business wardrobe. I might just wear them for the shoot and then take them back for a smaller size. I know I’m always thinking that but I do achieve that smaller size too. And I’m very determined now for a plethora of reasons.

Anyway, gotta go to bed now if I don’t want yet another stressful morning. (Today I left my scarf at home, had to go back, missed my bus. It just doesn’t do any good for my mood and my day.)