So Little Time

Last Sunday I repeated my butt workout from Monday. Yeah, it took me almost a week to recover from it o_O I didn’t do the HIIT portion, but it still kicked my butt – quite literally. I was barely able to move around, or sit on it until Thursday. With the exception of Monday, I managed to get in intense enough workouts daily, and I’ve also been more than satisfied with my diet. It all came down to me being super busy and focused on a plethora of other things, and it definitely shows on my body.

I had trouble falling asleep on Sunday as I did my research for a job interview I had on Monday. It was for a small tech start-up for an account manager position, and the profile of the company got me super excited even before I got there. Hearing about what my tasks would be though… I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the possibility of getting that job as it would involve a lot of traveling *_* I hope that I’ll get to have a Skype interview with one of the managers soon.

On Tuesday, I got contacted by one of the Big Four. I was a bit hesitant, but the job description wasn’t bad, so I had a short (10 min) phone interview with an HR intern on Wednesday, and a personal interview (1 h) with a manager and an HR staff on Friday. And again, the work would be much more interesting than what the title of internal auditor suggests. I’m supposed to be contacted next week, whether they want me to go in and write a case study too.

Both opportunities would be pretty amazing. I guess it’s not enough that I’m a nervous wreck because of the GMAT, now I’m also thinking about whether I’ll get any offers.

About the GMAT. I spend most of my time studying for it, and I finally took my first CAT on Thursday. I scored an incredible 730 (96th percentile). I literally shed a few tears from happiness and disbelief. However, upon closer inspection I realized that my quant and verb scores were so messed up! An embarrassingly low quant with an unbelievably high verb… I think this is for the best though since now I’m not AS nervous as I’d be had I gotten a lower score, but I’m also not complacent. If anything, this motivates me to do even better, practice even more, and improve my time management by test day.

You can probably tell that my social life is basically non-existent at the moment… I don’t feel any emptiness though as I have a lot of new things to be looking forward to and to be excited about, and thanks to the Internet I can keep in touch with the outside world ^_^

Karma’s AWOL – The Amazing Race S29

I have just finished watching the 29th Season of The Amazing Race, and I am absolutely bummed… At times like this, I can’t help but wonder, where is “karma” when you need it??? Why do teams that constantly bitch, moan and bicker win these things?!

The end result only goes to show that fairy tales are totally misleading, and not the good ones, but the most hungry ones are rewarded at the end of the day. Of course, the winners made some no-brainer excellent decisions on the last leg (checking in their bags, taking the subway from the first clue etc.) that the other two teams missed for some inexplicable reason, and I would expect no less from a Harvard graduate, still, their overall game just left too much of a bittersweet aftertaste in my mouth to appreciate the win.

Brook and Scott reminded me a bit of Flo and Zach from Season 3. Both women have been whining and moaning throughout the whole trip (the apex being in Vietnam – what is it about that country?!), and their partners carried them to the finish line by learning their “tricks” and handling them just right. I’m sure that the editors went at them pretty hard, too, but at a certain point you wish they’d just put on their big girl panties, as Liz would say (Episode 7). The guys were nothing alike though besides being extremely good handlers.

After the finale I did a quick search, and learned that Brook was 36 years old at the time of the filming, which makes it so much worse in my book. (By contrast, Flo was 23.) She looked so young, and age is certainly not an excuse, but I’d call it a mitigating circumstance in some cases. It saddens me to see an intelligent, educated, grown-up woman act so incapable, and lash out so aggressively at her partner time and time again, not to mention the backstabbing moves and the broken promises.

Of course, I might never learn how a race like this would affect me, especially, because I’m very hot-headed and impatient by nature. However, I’m constantly working on those qualities, and I’d be absolutely ashamed to be a damsel in distress instead of a strong female role model in my 30’s. Also, broken promises are one of my biggest pet peeves, and I would never want to lose my integrity by breaking the trust of those who once helped me.

Now, I don’t believe in the whole gender 100% equality spiel. Women and men are different, so unless this changes, that’s the end of the argument for me. However, I believe in the importance of striving to be strong, hard-working, well-disciplined, tenacious, persistent, trustworthy and independent – as much as womanly possible.

Being vulnerable and showing weakness is okay; PMS-ing 24/7 AND breaking promises is absolutely not. You can complain OR you can play dirty – but you can’t do both.

Reality Check

My cousin had a housewarming party on Saturday, and since I haven’t been going out a lot, nor do I plan to do so in the near future, I decided to have some drinks. I completed my workout, had a healthy meal, took a protein bar with me, and chose one of the best possible options calorie-wise – vodka and Fanta zero. However, I completely forgot that parties usually involve food, so I did not train my brain for this scenario in advance o_O And it is such a typical pitfall!!! Failing to plan really is planning to fail, and even though I didn’t eat THAT much, it clearly happened because I didn’t decide in advance not to do it. Also, alcohol really does wreak havoc on my decision making capabilities…

More importantly, a night like this has a snowball effect on me. Even though I’m lucky enough not to be prone to major hangovers, since I went to bed late, and I woke up in the early evening with a slight headache, I couldn’t make myself exercise on Sunday. Then I went all out on Monday with a HIIT and a lower body strength training to the point, where I could barely sit on my butt yesterday, or move at all! So I also ended up skipping Tuesday. And this state of inconsistency drags me down so much that I just can’t stop mindlessly snacking, while watching something non-stop AKA being totally unproductive AKA not studying for the GMAT.

I have been improving my behavior patterns for years, and so I managed to snap out of this funk by today. Still, it is incredibly frustrating, since I know that if I wouldn’t sabotage myself at every possible opportunity, I’d be so much further ahead compared to where I am now. Luckily, now I am a bit more forgiving towards myself, and it makes life a lot easier.

We just have to accept that some days it is super easy to make good decisions. We are full of strength, energy and motivation, ready to conquer the world. Other days we just need to do our best for that day. It is a good advice not to compare yourself to others, but I’d go as far as saying: do not compare yourself to your past, or future self either. Just do

your best. But don’t fake it! Don’t say your best at a given moment is a 5, when, in fact, it is at least a 7, if not an 8. Push yourself, but when you REALLY need a break, take it, knowing that you are true to yourself, and will push again as soon as you are able to.


One good thing that came out of this party was the reality check I got today from seeing myself in the photos – I really should consider auditioning for a donut ad with that face of mine haha



This week I have finally booked my GMAT and TOEFL appointments. My primary goal at the moment is to get accepted into a really good Master’s Program, so I’m focusing on crashing the GMAT. I would be quite content with a 700+ score. I think that for a non-native English speaker, who has never lived or studied abroad (or in English for that matter), the 90th percentile would be quite an achievement. Of course, the higher the score, the happier I’d be 🙂 So I’m grinding now, which can get pretty lonely and boring at times, but I gotta do what I gotta do.


On Wednesday, I took out my parents to a nice all-you-can-eat restaurant here in Budapest. We celebrated my dad’s birthday, and it felt so nice to be able to treat them a bit. They are always saving money on themselves, but special memories like this one are priceless, and our precious time together needs to be cherished while we have the opportunity. So I absolutely want to do more cherishing from now on! ^_^ Not really something I can quantify, but I’m fine with that.



This lovely plate of delicious desserts is the most perfect intro to my fitness goals 😂 I finally want to start working in my field as a group fitness instructor, or as a personal trainer before I turn 30. My only problem is that my body composition is not exactly ideal – hence motivational – to say the least. It is REALLY difficult for me to lose fat, and to keep it off in the long run. I have to be super strict with my diet, which is a matter of prioritization.  So on Monday I started keeping track of my calorie intake again. To compensate for my indulgence on Wednesday, I fasted for almost 24 hours afterwards – I didn’t even get hungry actually, but I’m quite used to intermittent fasting by now. More on that subject, as well as my hi/story later. Let’s keep the focus on my goals now. Strength-wise I want to be able to do a full wide pull-up. For this, I’ll need to lose as much excess body fat as possible. Flexibility-wise: side splits!!! It really is time for me to move on from the front splits. ‘Nuff said.

29 Years + 1 Day

Turning 29 really makes me feel the pressure of time flying by. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while now, but what really made up my mind was the nice long conversation I had with my parents yesterday evening after enjoying our favorite almond cake, celebrating my 29th birthday.


I love listening to my parents talk about their past experiences. My Hungarian dad met my Russian mom while studying in the Soviet Union, and he started talking about the difficulties of moving to a new country without a decent command of the local language. He and his twin brother kept sending a letter home every single week during the 5 years. It took weeks for a letter to arrive from Saint Petersburg to the little Hungarian village my father was from, and I’m sure they could have spent this extra time and money on doing some fun stuff, but they knew how much happiness it brought to their mom, who was always looking forward to reading their lines.

I got so excited hearing about this, it would have been such an interesting read for me! But apparently his sister, while cleaning out the attic, found the letters, and after labeling them as “trash”, they all got burnt to ashes. I still cannot wrap my head around this… I was literally devastated, and I could tell that my dad was also pretty sad about it. He would have loved to re-read his stories, filling in some missing puzzle pieces in his memories.

And this made me realize just how much I’ve been procrastinating. I have been traveling and experiencing a lot, especially in the past 2 years. I have also been experimenting with my workout and nutrition regime for well over 15 years now, but I couldn’t stay consistent with my paper-based journaling efforts, causing a lot of my dear memories to fade. Not to mention that maybe one day my kids will also want to read more about my life, and a blog is not something you can throw on fire. Not yet, at least.

So, I figured that there is no better time to start than NOW.

I believe that despite the personal nature of this blog, most posts will have some valuable and credible information on my favorite topics – fitness, nutrition, travel, career, studies, movie and product reviews, self-development, psychology, interesting stories etc.

Now, I’m a very careful person when it comes to promises since I have found that life just loves throwing curveballs at the most unexpected moments, but the one thing I can guarantee right now is that every single post on this blog will be written by me. I won’t pay any freelancers to provide BS articles for me, even if it will mean less than ideal consistency. I’m emphasizing this because I really am fed up with all the bland and practically useless blogs I come across on a regular basis nowadays that lack even the most basic level of fact checking.

Yesterday, after the chat with my parents, I went on watching Before We Go, and reminding me of another movie, I did a quick search for “before we go vs before sunrise”. I found an article on bustle stating the following:

“(…) Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play two students who meet on a train and decide to spend a night together wandering around Prague. (…)”

Whoever wrote this has either not even taken the time to watch Before Sunrise, or could simply not remember it well enough. Whatever the reason of getting the location wrong, a 5-second online search, revealing that the story actually takes place in Vienna, is the least the readers deserve. In my opinion.

And I will do my best to deliver quality over quantity on my blog, just like in any other area of my life 🙂