The Right to the Lunch Break. Rant.

I slept awful. Woke up maybe 5 times to go to the toilet! I really should stop drinking so much before going to sleep – said the girl and downed yet another cup of caffeine-free coffee.

Thus, I skipped my morning workout and slept in a bit. It was a good choice as I had a pretty dense day and woke up with major upper body muscle soreness anyway. My lower body soreness still holding from Saturday’s workout I was set for the day 🙂

At work, I scheduled lots of interviews for the week with all kinds of bosses at the organization we’re working with for now. I have also managed to crack the screen of my Lenovo T430 – carrying it, I’ve put a tiny and slim notepad in between the screen and the keyboard o_O I hope it will hold for tomorrow as I really don’t feel like scribbling with a pen all day. Lot of additional work, too, to type it all in later.

Had to have a work lunch with my boss today as tomorrow’s slot got booked for an interview. This was our second lunch together and yet again, I strongly felt the lack of a notepad and a pen. I appreciate the need to spend lunchtime productively, but I just don’t like being forced to go out and eat at places where I don’t want to eat, waste money on subpar food which I’d rather save, spend 45+ intense minutes when, instead of having a little break, yet again, I need to control every single word that comes out of my mouth while paying attention to every morsel that leaves my companion’s mouth, and also try to chew, swallow AND enjoy the thing that I don’t find desirable in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a nice idea, but let’s just keep it real – it is ABSOLUTELY NOT the break that I need!!! As I usually meal prep for the whole week, I can have my lunch in 10 minutes. 15 if I also use the ladies’. I don’t need to go out to a restaurant 10 minutes away, stand in line for 15 minutes, eat for 30, then come back and have a 20-minute coffee break to help me digest the heavy meal I’ve had – THIS is the waste of time in my book. My point is that I’d gladly talk to my boss, but I’d rather have an actual meeting before or after my short and sweet, peaceful lunch break. Also, I could legally bring my notepad and pen, or my laptop to the meeting, and wouldn’t be trying to recall hours after our conversation the 4th “C” he casually mentioned between the soup and the main dish. Rant over.