Worth of You

I’m in love with the worth of you… At least I think that’s what it’d take for me.

One of my dreams/plans is to become the boss of my own company not only to provide amazing services to improve people’s lives but also to hire my own employees and to choose them based on my own criteria.

I would judge my team members based on how they’d treat their peers or those that are at a lower level than them because that would show me their real value and humility – or lack¬†thereof, and I would never want any nodding dogs or shallow people pleasers¬†working with me.

It is so easy and common to respect and treat well those in managerial or leadership positions or to show face to clients but talk rudely behind their backs. Hipocracy is one quality that I really despise and find unacceptable. I already wrote about how important honesty is to me, and this is a major form of lying in my book.

I don’t define the worth of a human being based on the number of degrees, the ranking of their alma mater, looks, or labels. Well-educated, good-looking, fit people can be just as cr.ppy of human beings as the next person, if not more. It is very sad to see and experience but is a great wake-up call to what really matters.